Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Have you ever heard of a Shoebox Swap?

Hi stampers! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I love vistors :).

Those of you that follow my Facebook page already know that the dust is settling on some super hectic (and crazy stressful) "stuff" I've had going on. I finally got into my stamp room this weekend for the first time in a couple months. I cleaned, I organized, I cleaned some more, I rearranged, I purged some more, and then I organized. Haha - doesn't it sometimes feel like the clean angel on our shoulder will never catch up to the messy crafter on the other shoulder!

Last night, I got together with 3 stamping friends. Stamping in a group is so much fun - I love sharing the company of other stampers who "get" the need for stamping stress relief! We did a Shoebox Swap together! Ever heard of it??? Read on!

A Shoebox Swap is like swapping cards - only you get to make the different projects yourself! Easy!As preparation for our get-together, I designed 2 cards. I cut, scored, and gathered enough materials for my friends to each one of each of my cards. My stamping friends did the same. We all sat around my friend's stamping table, and we stamped our cards together! At the end of the night, I came home with 8 cards --- the 2 I made and 6 other designs!

Here's a few of the cards we made last night:

So why a Shoebox Swap? Let me tell you...
  • It's a great way to use build a unique stash of cards. Sometimes I get in rut with my same designs - but last night, I walked away with 8 different cards!
  • You're using your stamping supplies! Ummmm, yeah - how many of us have stamp supplies sitting on our shelves that we haven't even touched? Finally, we can use all the fun goodies we have purchased!
  • You're getting ideas for your supplies and for card layouts! You're expanding your creativity by using your friends' ideas as you begin your next stamping session at home.
  • You're having fun and you're letting stress melt away. Take your time, savor the moment you are sharing with your friends. What could be better?
Think about organizing a shoebox swap with a couple fellow stampers - I promise you won't regret it!

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to stop by and see what I created! I hope I've inspired you today!

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